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What people are saying

Gotta say the @jedmercurio class online is the best £80 I've ever spent! Recommended.

- A.A. Dhand

I found David very inspiring, to write - about anything, not just children's books.

- Hazel R

Very comprehensive covering everything from thinking about ideas for scripts through to how to develop a career as a scriptwriter.

- Liz Marley

Brilliant series, well worth the investment. Lots of content covered, a 'must' for all budding song-writers.

- Myson

I liked that Gary really connected with the people and I liked when he was explaining how to write a hit song.

- Olivia Grace Dunning

Great quality and learnt about a fantastic chef.

- John Price

Richard never ceases to amaze me with his effortless skills as a baker... a bread genius.

- Angela Hartnett

I felt so motivated taking this course. It covers everything from initial idea inspiration, story development, language patterns and then finally on to the publishing processes. Knowledge from the best in the industry - it is fantastic!

- Kara Bee

I absolutely love it! Thanks @bbcmaestro. Julia is super inspiring. The course is very clear and informative. I'm loving learning all about picture books from the Queen of rhythm and rhyme! Julia's books are firm favourites in our house and it's an honour to be her student.

- Sidra Ansari

I'm really enjoying Julia Donaldson's @bbcmaestro course. I've re-imagined a fairy tale and I'm dreaming up a 'baddy'.

- Anna Chorlton

Richard Bertinet is a master of his craft who has decided to share his knowledge with the world.

- The Telegraph

The course was a brilliant insight into David's world and forms a great blueprint for character and book development.

- R.K. Alker

Very compelling and detailed course which certainly inspires one to experiment with these dishes.

- Angela O'Neill

It made me feel as if I was receiving exclusive tips and information that was not available to just anyone.

- Sune Pienaar

It gave me a blue print for business success. Detailed advice from someone who has done it.

- Tony Quince

It's almost as if you have the benefit of a one to one course, and thereby, it feels as if you are having a full and proper private lesson which brings with it the tricks and quirks of the trade.

- Roy Cooper

Steve's ability to explain a dog's point of view and instruct in a way that I can relate to. Everything is clear, concise and easy to take away and use.

- Karen Head

There is so much information that industry outsiders would take months to find out for themselves. The supporting workbook is full of useful information and exercises and the videos are clear and easy to understand. It's really well put together.

- Isobel Henderson

I adored the course and continue to reap the benefits from Steve Mann's simple, clear and wonderfully positive dog training course.

- Melissa F

It was so inspiring, and Peter really helped create a foundation and a vision. I enjoyed it so much.

- Aastha Gupta

I’ve learned more about the craft of writing from Alan Moore than from any other human alive. This is really exciting. He’s teaching an online BBC Maestro class.

- Neil Gaiman

I have already implemented some of Malorie's advice around structure and it’s definitely been extremely helpful to me. Her manner is warm and encouraging so it’s a pleasure to listen to her.

- Julia S

I sincerely love everything about this course. Mr. Moore, the production value, the atmosphere, the set, the lessons... Everything. I even love Mr. Moore's fashion sense.

- Michael Zaccagnino

VERY happy to report this Alan Moore [BBC Maestro course] is the real deal. I'm a handful of chapters in and it is everything this life long fan and educator could have wanted from it.

- Brian Michael Bendis

I’m really enjoying Alan’s course. He has opened my eyes in terms of what story and writing have the potential to be. His examples and literary text references are exceptional. This is a man who is passionate about our language and using it to change our consciousness and perception through story. Thank you Alan and BBC Maestro.

- Trevor Howis

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