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Common questions

We offer single course purchases or an annual subscription. If you buy a single course, then it’s for life. Your recipients can watch the course as many times as they like, whenever they like. Our single courses include downloadable course notes to complement the video lessons. You can choose between buying a single course as a one-off purchase, or a generic gift so your employees or customers can select their single course. Alternatively, if you buy an annual subscription to BBC Maestro, your recipients can access every course for one year, including all new additional courses. They can watch each course as many times as they like within the year, and they’ll also be able to download the course notes for each course. After one year you’ll have the option to renew your subscriptions.

We currently support the following territories: United Kingdom, Isle of Mann, Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, India, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE and USA. We are planning on launching BBC Maestro in other territories in the future. Please subscribe to our mailing list (in the footer) and follow our social media channels for updates.

Yes, all our courses have English subtitles that can be accessed by clicking the CC button on the video player. We also have downloadable PDF course notes to go with each course, which offer more detailed information and tips.

No, all our courses are self-paced and no courses will be removed from the site or ‘expire’. If you purchase subscriptions, these can be watched while your subscription is valid. If you purchase individual courses, the purchased content can be kept for life, and lessons can be watched as many times as required.

Absolutely! We are always looking to work with companies that share the same values and that can offer us entry to new markets. Just get in touch.

Yes we do. Please get in touch for more information.