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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files which when placed on your device to enable the platform to provide certain features and functionality.

Cookies we use

BBCM and its service providers use two types of cookie to provide the services and features offered on our website, and to improve our user experience: essential and non-essential.BBC Maestro place essential cookies during user login state to track settings you have selected and actions take on the site (including login duration and related session information). Non-essential cookies may be used by third party apps such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics; these provide relevant information about usage of the website and it’s services and/or to provide advertising relevant to your interests.

Cookie management

To opt out of non-essential cookies please click the link relating to your browser below: and more information relating to your browser • Mozilla FirefoxGoogle ChromeApple SafariMicrosoft EdgeMicrosoft Internet ExplorerOpera Please note that in changing or disabling cookie settings may have an impact on site performance, features and functionality.