Graphic Design

Paula Scher

Graphic Design

Can graphic design change the world?

Paula Scher knows it for a fact.

One of the most influential graphic designers of all time, and the first female partner at the international design firm Pentagram, Paula will teach you her craft in her upcoming online course.

By drawing on her experience working across a large variety of brands, institutions, and people, the course will help you tangibly refine your own portfolio, as well as expand your approach to the subject, both as an individual designer and a collaborative team member.

You name it, she’s the brains behind it. From the New York Public Theatre and MoMa, to Tiffany & Co or Microsoft Windows, as well as iconic album covers for The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and Bob Dylan - Paula has built her career creating world-class visual identities and languages, and now she’s here to teach you how to do it too.

So whether you’re a budding designer who wants to refine your eye for typography that speaks to people, or if you’re a seasoned professional looking to expand your perspective, Paula’s course is packed with practical lessons for you to truly explore the potential and power of graphic design.

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