Bread Making
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Richard Bertinet

Bread Making

'Bread genius' and teacher to some of the world's top chefs reveals the secrets of baking in this easy to follow 24 lesson course. With over 30 years' experience and an effortless, approachable style, Richard will soon have you baking with total confidence and spectacular results.

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The Course

Join legendary baker, Richard Bertinet, as he takes you through his bread making philosophy in 24 lessons. Start with getting the dough right before moving from a simple tin loaf up to the mighty sourdough and beyond. With his informal, no-nonsense style Richard will soon have you baking with confidence - and spectacularly delicious results.

Your Maestro

Richard first fell in love with baking as a 14 year-old apprentice in his native Brittany. He moved to England in the late 80s, where he has taught his unique and incredible style of baking to some of the greatest chefs in the world. By popular demand, Richard founded the 'Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School' in Bath almost 20 years ago and his classes have attracted chefs from all over the world. For the first time, Richard is teaching his lifetime of experience and his unique bread-making secrets to you, on BBC Maestro.


Course Notes

Course notes

92 pages

A downloadable PDF packed full of tricks, tips, and recipes to get you baking with total confidence.

Course Notes

What People are Saying

Richard never ceases to amaze me with his effortless skills as a baker... a bread genius.

- Angela Hartnett

Chef & baker extraordinaire... His advice is a revelation from someone whose passion for breadmaking is unrivalled.

- Nathan Outlaw

All it takes to make bread is flour water and salt. To make great bread, add a little Bertinet.

- Pierre Koffmann

Irresistible, will change the way you bake Bread.

- LA Times on Richard's "Dough"

Richard Bertinet is a master of his craft who has decided to share his knowledge with the world.

- The Telegraph

The nearest thing bakery will ever have to a Jedi.

- The Guardian

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