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15 brilliant baking gift ideas

By BBC Maestro

Last updated: 11 May 2023

Whether they love whipping up muffins or they’re a pastry aficionado, most of us know a budding baker who can’t help making sweet treats.

If you’re wondering what to buy for the baker in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best baking gift ideas for bakers, bread makers, pastry chefs and cake crafters.

Personalised apron

There’s nothing that’s guaranteed to make any baker feel more like a star baker than their very own personalised apron. Choose their favourite colour or opt for a brightly patterned one, then get it embroidered with their name or something that describes them – like ‘Star Baker’, ‘Pastry Queen’ or ‘Cookie Monster’. They’re sure to feel like a pro whenever they take it off the hook and put it on for a baking session.

Cake stand

If they create beautifully decorated cakes and bakes, they deserve to be put on display. A cake stand will give their creations pride of place on any party or dinner table. Choose a statement piece that can double up as fruit storage or a purely decorative item when it’s not being used for cakes.

Cake stand

Personalised rolling pin

Rolling out dough can be a bit of a chore. Here’s one way to make it a little bit more fun. Choose a rolling pin in a beautiful wood that will look great on display in their kitchen, and then get their name engraved in it. When they roll out the dough, it’ll leave an imprint of the engraving, meaning their bakes will be branded for a professional touch.

Stand mixer

If they mix their batter by hand, they’ll be eternally grateful to you for this gift. A stand mixer is a must-have gadget for bakers, taking the elbow grease out of whisking and kneading.

You’ll find a variety of models out there at different prices. High-end brands or mixers with advanced technical settings and extra attachments are all likely to cost more, but there are plenty of stand mixers that are simpler, easy to use and more affordable. Most will come with a whisk, beater and dough hook included, but there are other tools out there for slicing, mincing, shredding and making ice cream.

Icing set

Help them add the finishing flourish to their bakes with an icing set or decorating kit. These kits are perfect for beginners and more experienced bakers alike. They include everything they need to decorate their cakes beautifully, and some will even include instruction booklets with hints and tips for achieving a professional finish.

Icing set

Baking course

Whether they’re just starting out on their baking journey, or are ready to increase their repertoire, a baking course will help them to expand their skill set. Find an in-person course in their area, and either book them on directly or gift them a voucher to attend a course.

Or gift them an online course like the BBC Maestro course from bread genius Richard Bertinet. They can complete the course in their own time and at their own pace, and they’ll be able to keep the online course forever, so they can review the lessons and perfect their bread-making skills whenever they like.

Baking kit

A baking kit is a great gift for any aspiring young bakers in your life. They include all the dry ingredients they’ll need, in pre-measured portions, and a simple step-by-step recipe card. Putting all the pieces together and seeing it transform into a delicious sweet treat is sure to ignite their love for baking – and they can keep the recipe cards to make again and again.

New cake pans

If you’re looking for the perfect baking gift, you can never go wrong with cake tins. Opt for a non-stick loaf tin to make their life easier when whipping up banana breads and gingerbread loaves or go for a specialist sourdough tin for the bread enthusiast.

Measuring cups

Baking is a science, and for a perfectly risen cake, you need to measure out your ingredients precisely. Measuring cups or spoons will help your baker friend or family member to get just the right amount of each ingredient – and if you choose a shiny metal or brightly coloured set, they’ll look fantastic on display in their kitchen, too.

Recipe book

Baking books are a great way to learn how to make a variety of bakes, as well as find inspiration for new recipes. There’s a huge range of recipe books out there to choose from, including those aimed at beginners, as well as more ambitious bakers. You’ll also find ones specialising in every kind of baking imaginable, from pastry to cupcakes – so whatever they love to make, you’re sure to find a baking recipe book that’ll suit their tastes.

Baking-inspired art print

Brighten up their kitchen with a statement art print themed around their favourite hobby: baking! Choose a pop-art cupcake print, a funny quote about baking, a retro-inspired print of different cookies and cakes – or even get their favourite cake recipe printed out, so they always have it to hand.

Cookie cutter set

Cookie cutters are fun for all ages. Choose a standard set of shapes for cookies that will work all year round, go for seasonal options like Christmas or Easter cutters, or opt for a themed set like animals. You could even include a big bag of chocolate chips, white chocolate chunks, or chopped nuts, so they can make a variety of different cookie flavours.

Cookie cutter set


If you know someone who always has different baking projects on the go, get them a notebook to jot down all their ideas. Whether it’s notes for adjusting tried-and-tested favourites, or thoughts they’ve had for creating recipes of their own, a handy notebook will be their go-to reference whenever they’re in the kitchen.

Oven mitts

If they’re taking their bakes out of the oven with an old tea towel, it’s time to save your baker from burnt fingers with a new oven glove set. Choose a brightly coloured or boldly patterned mitt for a baking gift that’ll look great on display – and in any photographs or videos of their bakes.

Bakery gift vouchers

Find the best bakery in their town and buy them a gift voucher for there – or go for a pick-and-mix of several different bakeries in the local area. It’ll give them the opportunity to try some of the best cakes, bakes and pastries out there, and might give them inspiration for new flavour combinations to try at home.


Whether they’re new to the baking game or have been creating cakes for years, these gifts for bakers are sure to be well-received by the baker in your life.

From practical gifts like rolling pins and online baking courses, to whimsical gifts like baking art prints, there’s something for everyone. And you might even get to try their freshly baked cakes in return: win-win!