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Dog Training

Steve Mann

Dog Training

Top celebrity dog trainer and author of UK #1 best-selling dog books imparts 30 years of expertise in this practical course for you and your four-legged friend.

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The Course

Steve will take you through puppy training, loose-lead walking, grooming, separation anxiety, the power of play, recall, emergency stops and more. He'll even dig into breed-specific behaviours, our responsibility as dog owners and how to read your dog's body language. This easy-to-follow guide will show you the best way to motivate your dog, whether it's a terrier puppy, a rescue retriever, or an older hound. It's never too late to train your dog, build invaluable trust and create a rewarding relationship for you and your dog. Steve will show you how.

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How to master 'sit' with expert dog trainer, Steve Mann

Your Maestro

As a boy, Steve walked into a local dog training class… with no dog. By 16 he’d launched his own dog training school. Now, with over 30 years’ experience, Steve's books have become the UK's number one dog training manuals. He has trained more than 100,000 dogs all over the world – in TV and film, for high-profile celebrities as well as dogs that support veterans with PTSD. Steve trains tracking dogs, security dogs as well as dogs that have suffered all manner of trauma. Steve lectures in animal behaviour and husbandry and is one of the most respected and knowledgeable dog trainers in the world.


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Course Notes

Course notes

83 pages

A downloadable PDF packed with course learnings, training tips and exercises to practice with your dog.

Course Notes

What people are saying

Great training ideas - we keep going back to the different sections to brush up on the way to train our dog.

- Vaughan Allcock

Steve's ability to explain a dog's point of view and instruct in a way that I can relate to. Everything is clear, concise and easy to take away and use.

- Karen Head

Amazing, I bought this last week and have it forever to go back to...who needs stressful puppy training classes when all you need is to gain trust and learn your dog's language and behaviours. My puppy has come on leaps and bounds and loose lead walks perfectly now...just gotta keep working on the recall.

- Rebecca Adams

Course is amazing. The different chapters enable me to go into the sessions I need to re visit in more detail when the puppy arrives. Steve uses amazing techniques and shows you how to train your dogs using all different types of breeds so it reinforces learning. Best thing I've purchased to enable me to give my puppy the best start in life. Thank you Steve. I now feel so much more confident.

- Mrs Thomas

I've tried it with my new puppy and she responds extremely well to all the course guidance, I can't recommend it highly enough, it's a master class. Very happy with the results and they are far quicker than I could ever have imagined.

- Tony Meeke

The lessons are clear and simple. I love his approach to dogs as your best friend. I love seeing the lessons in action. Learn quicker by seeing an example than reading. Besides all that it's entertaining to watch!

- Tanja

I adored the course and continue to reap the benefits from Steve Mann's simple, clear and wonderfully positive dog training course.

- Melissa F

Quality content delivered by expert speaker.

- S Jaeger

Steve explains how dogs learn in an easy to understand manner and so far, following his training advice I'm getting positive results with my 3 month old puppy.

- Vanessa

Informative, good instruction and positive training. Breakdown of training into short videos is great too, to practice and pick up again.

- Sandra F

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Dog Training

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How to master 'sit' with expert dog trainer, Steve Mann