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8 motivational business quotes

By BBC Maestro

We’ve all felt a dip in motivation at times, whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or the owner of a multi-million-dollar business.  
A lack of motivation may be the result of a big decision that’s been weighing on your shoulders, or it could be that you feel your sense of creativity has completely dried out. If you’re feeling stuck at a crossroads, you may just need a little motivation to kickstart your flow again. 
In this article, we’ll share a few of the best motivational business quotes from British entrepreneur Peter Jones, and a few other well-known business owners, to get you feeling back on track.

Entrepreneurs are made, not born.

Peter Jones, British Entrepreneur 

Peter Jones says this with utter confidence. He believes anyone can become an entrepreneur today. You don’t need to come from a wealthy family or have a background rooted in business, as many often believe. In fact, it can come down to simply having the right entrepreneurial personality traits to embrace your goals. If you’re open to learning and collaborating, willing to take feedback on board and are prepared to develop the necessary tools and techniques needed to turn your idea into reality – then you’re one step closer to business success.  

Visualise your success as if you’ve already achieved it.

Peter Jones, British Entrepreneur

Our imaginations are incredibly powerful. Creating a vivid positive picture in your mind can bring with it excitement and inspiration. Imagine you’ve achieved your dream – an idea of yours is out there in the real world, making an impact on the lives of many. How does your life look now that you’ve made that happen? Take time to imagine the positives your success will bring you and the people you care about. Dreaming your vision up can help inspire you to achieve it. As Peter Jones says, “every successful person starts with a vision”. 

Get out there in the market and actually let people see you and your vibe. [Let them] invest in you.

Levi Roots, British-Jamaican Chef and Musician

Customers love to see the person behind the business they’re buying from. Particularly if it’s a home-grown brand like Reggae Reggae Foods. Levi Roots’ success arrived once he discovered that the gap in the market for his product was beyond his immediate community. He expanded his market range, visiting local summer fetes across the UK, meeting new people and spreading joy through his products and music. If your business is hitting a dry spell, make a commitment to creativity in your marketing strategy. Taking a leaf from Levi’s book may take your business to a whole new level. 

Don’t just exist. Exist with a purpose.

Peter Jones, British Entrepreneur

Whether you’re having doubts about your existing business or conjuring up your grand business idea, this line is well worth remembering. In his BBC Maestro online business course, Peter Jones points out the importance of leaving your mark on the world – a positive one at that. What do you want to contribute to the world? Consider what legacy you want to leave behind one day. Finding your purpose can help you get out of bed and feel motivated every single day. 

If I didn’t know a word I’d write it down. If I heard something that I thought was interesting, I’d write the quote down.

Ross Bailey, CEO of Appear Here

A willingness to learn is something a successful entrepreneur naturally possesses. But we all learn in different ways. As someone who didn’t have a traditional education, Ross Bailey uses the simple tool of a notebook to capture ideas, thoughts and learnings from his conversations with people in the business realm. He swears by capturing small snippets of valuable information said during meetings or talks. For him, jotting these down allows him to return to that moment in the room when he felt inspired, every time he reads it.  

There’s one thing that money and success can give you. It gives you choices.

Peter Jones, British Entrepreneur

Money can be a huge driver in wanting to build a successful business – whether you want it to build the life you’ve always dreamed of, or if you want to give it back to your community or society at large. It’s important to remember that money is not a dirty word and there is no need to feel shy if you are motivated by it. Money gives you choices, and the more choices you have the more opportunities can come your way. As does freedom, which is incredibly empowering as a business owner. 

Embrace working hard. Working hard is key to any success.

Tom Kerridge, British Chef

Wise words from the humble British Michelin-star chef Tom Kerridge. Tom reflects on his journey of following his own path rather than the one expected of him by society – “an industry found me, and I ran with it,” he tells Peter Jones in his BBC Maestro online course. But that’s not to say he had it easy. Hard graft, passion and chasing opportunity wherever it appeared, are what led to this chef’s success.  

There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Peter Jones, British Entrepreneur

We’ve all had knocks that have set us back. Peter Jones reminds us that we can look at failures differently. In fact, failures are wonderful opportunities to learn. If your plan hasn’t quite evolved the way you’d hoped, look at it through a lens of opportunity rather than of disappointment. Looking at failures as useful feedback will help guide you along your path to success.

Have these pieces of wisdom left you feeling inspired to take positive action? You may be just starting out on your business venture, or you may be looking to give your business a healthy dose of innovation. Either way, you’ll gain even further insight from Peter Jones’ online course, Toolkit For Business Success

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