Toolkit for Business Success

Peter Jones

Toolkit for Business Success

Whether you have a spark of an idea or are already employing staff, these 40 lessons are Peter's toolkit for success in entrepreneurship - they will help you harness your passion, achieve your goals and arm you with business acumen that will last a lifetime.

40 lessons, 3.5 hrs
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The Course

Peter will take you from generating ideas to launching and growing your business, with tips and insights from his long and varied career along the way. His 10 Golden Rules, developed over 40 years of starting, growing and investing in more than 100 businesses, will give you the solid foundation you need to grow as a successful entrepreneur. You'll learn to put together the perfect business plan, network, build your brand, attract and keep the best employees, market your business and much more.

Your Maestro

Launching his first business at the age of 16, Peter has amassed more than 40 years of experience and insight. He’s invested in over 100 businesses and is the founder of the UK’s first Enterprise Academy.

His long-standing role on BBC’s Dragons’ Den has given him an unparalleled experience in nurturing opportunity, supporting great ideas from infancy and setting founders on the right path to growth.

This practical guide will arm you with the skills and wisdom of Peter Jones and his fellow entrepreneurs: Reggae Reggae’s Levi Roots; Michelin-Starred restaurateur, Tom Kerridge; and Ross Bailey, CEO of retail space rental platform, Appear Here.


Course Notes

Course notes

170 pages

A downloadable PDF packed full of insight, experience, templates and exercises to put your business learning into practice.

Course Notes

What People are Saying

It made me feel as if I was receiving exclusive tips and information that was not available to just anyone.

- Sune Pienaar

It gave me a blue print for business success. Detailed advice from someone who has done it.

- Tony Quince

Peter was very well spoken, delivered fabulous material and great guests.

- Elena Von

The calm and easy to understand language used together with the openness of Peter Jones made it a pleasure to work through.

- Simon Gayfer

I like the optimism Peter Jones generated throughout the course, it was packed full of useful business insight, I particularly like the case studies towards the end.

- Phil Smeeton

Peter has real practical skills, knowledge and people skills. He broke down the course into small manageable chunks which were concise and to the point. He covered everything. I was lucky enough to gain some of his 40 year long business experience. He was always positive and encouraging. I liked the course because Peter was clear in his delivery, they had subtitles which made it easy to take notes and Peter broke the program up to give variety and excitement.

- Keith Fernandez

Real person who went through all this first hand was delivering the course. Emotional and practical elements of the training was excellent. Real business journey and ups and downs stories helped.

- Nisa

It was an amazing and insightful course with a lot of material and tips to learn from its truly a fantastic toolkit for business success.

- Alaa A Hasan

Peter was transparent. He gave very useful information and resources that are relevant for business success today - Thank you Peter.

- Anon

It was so inspiring, and Peter really helped create a foundation and a vision. I enjoyed it so much.

- Aastha Gupta

PJ sharing his own business investments and experiences. One of the best courses by far.

- Sarfaraz Juma

Ready for success?

Maximise your chances with the tips, tricks, and techniques Peter uses every time he takes on a new idea or a new business.
40 lessons, 3.5 hrs
Course notes
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