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Writing Drama For Television

Jed Mercurio

Writing Drama For Television

Ever wanted to create your own TV series?
Learn how, from the award-winning creator of Bodyguard, Trigger Point and Line of Duty.

28 lessons, 7 hrs
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The Course

For anyone who wants to write great TV, online series or films. Jed takes you from ideas to final script to getting it made. Notebook, pen, and a love for TV recommended.

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Your Maestro

Jed Mercurio is one of Britain’s most successful television writers. The award-winning creator of Bodyguard, Trigger Point and Line of Duty will show you how to master mystery, jeopardy, and structure to create edge-of-your-seat drama.


Course Notes

Course notes

113 pages

A downloadable PDF full of further insight, scripts, and exercises for each lesson, to help you put theory into practice.

Course Notes

What people are saying

Gotta say the @jedmercurio class online is the best £80 I've ever spent! Recommended.

- A.A. Dhand

Very comprehensive covering everything from thinking about ideas for scripts through to how to develop a career as a scriptwriter.

- Liz Marley

Engaging throughout, informative, worthwhile.

- Anon

Comprehensive. Engaging. Clear.

- Tom Lincoln

I liked the quality and amount of video content, and a teacher that made everything clear.

- Sarah Crockford

Very informative, clearly understands the subject & shared his experiences, lots of pointers & the pitfalls to watch out for.

- Terry May

His clarity of thought, black, white, very little grey, even if there were ideas I didn't agree with I enjoyed mine being challenged.

- Anon

Jed's insight is fascinating.

- Anon

Jed Mercurio was a great tutor. He was extremely clear and honest, giving us the benefit of his own very wide experience in a concise way, often with clear examples. He covered all aspects of screenwriting combined with answering all of the questions that prospective screenwriters need to know. It was brilliant!

- Heather Dunmore

Jed's use of analogies that uses his previous careers to highlight the writer's control of plot. Very helpful in developing my series bible and first pilot episode script.

- Neil T Humphries

I bought his course for myself and I'm gonna agree it's the best £80 I've ever spent, and off the back of this course I've managed to write my first pilot script from scratch thank you Jed.

- Becky

Just started this course and loving it! Thank you #jedmercurio

- Sylvie

@jedmercurio have absolutely LOVED your @bbcmaestro course. It will, no doubt, be something I return to regularly. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

- Melissa

When work deadlines dried up in 2020 I became a course addict but it is Jed Mercurio's course that made me feel like I could take my writing efforts to fruition. There is such clarity and inspiration in every lesson. A build of confidence and an understanding of industry requirements gives an aspiring writer focus and direction. This fabulous course exceeds all expectations and I feel lucky to have found it.

- Varda Tully

Thank you for this fabulously constructed course. Jed is a fantastic teacher.

- Rik Zak

There is so much information that industry outsiders would take months to find out for themselves. The supporting workbook is full of useful information and exercises and the videos are clear and easy to understand. It's really well put together.

- Isobel Henderson

I liked the format, especially the videos and the study notes. These were very important to me, because I am severely, visually, impaired and need both audio and visual references to help me with my creative work. I also liked the simplicity of the video presentation as well as the reasonable pricing. The subject matter of each course was varied enough to attract people from all walks of life, and the professional quality of the experts presenting the courses has inspired me to try a different course in the future.

- Claudia Van Buren

Jed's approach is a good mix of practical advice and inspirational guidance - he made it clear that writing a screenplay for TV is not impossible, but that there are certain elements it must include to increase your chances of success, and outlined each one in detail.

- Peter

Perfect duration and information, all very accessible and didn't feel like info dumps.

- Hector Figueroa

I saw the light! It all makes sense now.

- Jonathan F Vernon

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