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Edgar Wright


Make your movie with the indie legend behind Shaun of the Dead and Baby Driver.

This course includes:

27 lessons

4 hours

20 exercises

What you'll learn

Join Edgar as he shares his many different approaches to filmmaking – from his indie roots to Hollywood hits – and ultimately helps you get your film made and seen.

  • Write your screenplay
  • Get your film funded and work with low budgets
  • Choose the perfect soundtrack
  • Learn to direct actors
  • Use kinetic editing for dramatic effect
  • Pitch your film to the right festivals

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Meet the man who became an indie legend with the Cornetto trilogy and a trademark directing style. He started out making indie movies on a Super 8 camera and directed shorts on a shoestring throughout the 80s and 90s, building up a close-knit group of collaborators including Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. As someone who’s gone from film school reject and micro budgets to Hollywood blockbusters, there’s no one better to guide you through the world of filmmaking and show you how to make your film a reality.

Lesson plan (27)

  1. 01

    Filmmaking Introduction


  2. 02

    A brief history of film


  3. 03

    Beginnings and education


  4. 04

    Advice to aspiring filmmakers


  5. 05

    Writing to direct


  6. 06

    Writing: the process


  7. 07



  8. 08



  9. 09

    Storyboards and animatics


  10. 10

    Getting your film made


  11. 11

    Form and content


  12. 12

    Casting and directing actors


  13. 13



  14. 14

    Costume design


  15. 15



  16. 16

    First day on set


  17. 17



  18. 18

    Sound design


  19. 19

    Filming action sequences


  20. 20

    Production design


  21. 21



  22. 22

    TV vs features


  23. 23

    Filmmaking in collaboration


  24. 24

    Getting your film seen


  25. 25

    Ask me anything


  26. 26

    Q & A


  27. 27

    In conclusion


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Writing to direct with filmmaker, Edgar Wright

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Writing to direct with filmmaker, Edgar Wright