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Music Production

Mark Ronson

Music Production

Want to make a hit record? Mark Ronson's here to show you how. From making your own beats from old vinyl to pop song structure, Mark will help you create a track from scratch and pepper it with that Ronson magic that'll get it on every playlist.

Inside his New York studio, he'll zoom in on production techniques while sharing unheard Amy Winehouse Back to Black demos and breaking down his biggest songs.

18 video lessons
Course notes
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The Course

Join Mark Ronson as he reveals his music production secrets, from sampling and songwriting to tracking vocals. You'll look over Mark's shoulder as he creates a song from scratch with Grammy winning artist Jon Bellion, using editing software to record, cut, create loops, use plug-ins, quantise and reinforce drums. This is detailed, step-by-step instruction with recommendations for the best kit to use along the way.

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Finding the right mic with Mark Ronson

Your Maestro

An internationally renowned DJ, artist and producer, with accolades including seven Grammys, two Brits and an Academy Award, Mark is sharing his production secrets for the very first time. He’s become a familiar face at the top of the charts with global hits such as Rehab, Uptown Funk, and Shallow and is now here to help you mix your very own hit. Don’t believe it, just watch.


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Course Notes

Course notes

48 pages

Your downloadable PDF includes a detailed kit guide to build the perfect setup, plus more production secrets from the man himself.

Course Notes

What people are saying

I've taken several "celebrity" taught music production courses over the last year and this is absolutely one of the best ones. I know all the basics, etc so I really wanted to see into Mark's brain and understand how he thinks about what he does and how he prepares and little nuances like that. ... Mark is a great mentor who is able to clearly explain his thoughts.

- Philip M / tigerscientist

The longer format of the studio recording section really gives a good sense of the actual process, it feels authentic and makes you feel like a fly on the wall. ... Valuable for both experienced and younger aspiring producers.

- Matthew Garton

Amazing to see MR work flow with artists in the studio. I’ve been able to compare it to mine. I’m also learning invaluable piece of information about the way he approaches drums and drum programming. Definitely a game changer for me!

- Rony

Lots of detail, clear explanations and genuine behind the scenes stuff.

- David Stanley

Clear concise, jargon free, accessible, taking you on a journey through a range of exciting production projects.

- Clair

Mark never loses sight of the fact that he's teaching. He always extracts and articulates the reason for each decision he makes. He completely opens up his process to the student.

- Sue Ennis

Love the long form, deep dive structure. The course isn't concerned with rapid fire fragments of Mark Ronson's biggest hits. The crafters of the class spend elongated moments in the dirty middle of his process which is incredibly valuable.

- JQ

It's well made and doesn't dilly dally too much. Ronson provides useable real world skills that work for a range of people from home studio hobbyists to pro-studio engineers.

- Jolon

The best music production course I have ever taken. Lots of information but understandable and easy to apply to my own studio work.

- Greg Stephens

The course is unbelievably well done. The way it's presented, the topics, the way is produced... highest level possible. Mark is an absolute genius. He's always been my north star and virtually experiencing to be in the studio with him is crazy.

- Matteo Fioriti

Mark is such a down to earth producer who is accessible and very generous sharing his knowledge and experience. He is also great choice as he encompasses sampling original beats, through to completing the finished track in an easy to follow format.

- David Pearson

This is BY FAR the coolest/most interesting and educational music course I’ve ever seen. To watch Mark and Jon have a REAL session while meeting for the first time, incredible. Love the approach of having Mark narrate after, rather than look at the camera and explain what he’s doing during the session. That’s what sets this apart from all the others. I can’t say enough about how amazing this course is. Worth every penny.

- Anon

Create a hit record

Find out how to make music that people can’t stop listening to, with award-winning music producer, Mark Ronson as your teacher. 

Learn what makes a hit record and discover how you can give your music that all-important edge with expert music production techniques.  

Watch the course at your own pace, on any device, and rewatch as many times as you like. 

18 video lessons, 6 hrs
Course notes
Music Production

Know someone who should Uptown Funk it up?

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Finding the right mic with Mark Ronson