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Alan Moore


Join the maestro of storytelling and learn to create mesmerising fiction by mastering inventive language, characterisation, world-building and more.

33 lessons, 6 hrs
Course notes
  • For anyone who wants to write fiction

  • Includes downloadable writing exercises

  • Self-paced, no deadlines

The Course

Alan Moore has dedicated his life to writing and now he's letting you peek in on his previously private process. This writing course will inspire you to create mesmerising fiction by interweaving language, story, character, setting, world-building and more. Let this esoteric genius inspire you to build a life as a writer and deliver your very best work.

Your Maestro

This creative writing course comes from the incessantly imaginative bestseller, Alan Moore. His writing straddles genre with comics like From Hell, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Swamp Thing, and modern literary classics, including Jerusalem, a 1,266-page experimental epic novel set over centuries and realms in his hometown of Northampton.

He made it on to Time’s 100 Best Novels list and has won numerous awards leading to cult-like, legendary status and critical acclaim. Each morsel of wisdom out of Alan’s mouth will have you thinking in a new way.


Course Notes

Course notes

67 pages

Master literary techniques and turn your wildest thoughts into fantastic fiction.

Course Notes

What people are saying

I’ve learned more about the craft of writing from Alan Moore than from any other human alive. This is really exciting. He’s teaching an online BBC Maestro class.

- Neil Gaiman

The most wizardly of the literary time-tamperers.

- The Atlantic on Alan Moore

One of the most significant fiction writers in English.

- The Guardian on Alan Moore

I actually finished going through this course earlier this afternoon, and couldn't have been more pleased! I felt inspired, encouraged, and validated that I'm doing good things with/for my writing, and gathered a lot of great takeaways as well as a decent reading list (and future gift ideas) from the books talked about throughout the course!

- Melissa Sain

Alan Moore has clearly amassed a huge knowledge of storytelling over 40 years, and these very personal lessons have really helped me make sense of trying to be a writer, after floundering for many years. Alan has helped me pinpoint my flaws and how to remedy them as well of letting me know when I’ve been on the right track, and when to guide me back onto the track. So far it has been a magical experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a writer, but is beset by uncertainty and trepidation. Alan Moore knows the way.

- Paul Scott

This is the third writing course I've done with BBC Maestro and though I haven't finished it, it is the best. Alan Moore has an idiosyncratic way of imparting writing knowledge that captivates and delights, as well as informs. Loving every minute of it.

- Varda Tully

Wonderfully motivating, entertaining and useful, delivered with originality, humour and depth. Thank you Alan Moore for a great course.

- Anon

Alan Moore is a hero to me. I suspected this might be a bit patronising and rubbish. It’s really not. Academically sound and in depth. Recommended

- Graham Robertson

Mr. Moore is clear, thorough, and easy to listen to. The content is very helpful and interesting so far.

- E. Cross

So far it was really inspiring. Bringing me new tools and stimulating my imagination. It also brought me a lot of suggestions for books to read. Overall this course was what I needed as a young writer.

- David

Alan Moore is an incredible personality and hearing his stories is a pleasure.

- Youri

I sincerely love everything about this course. Mr. Moore, the production value, the atmosphere, the set, the lessons... Everything. I even love Mr. Moore's fashion sense.

- Michael Zaccagnino

Alan Moore talking about magic and writing and appears to be uncensored by the BBC. I like the length of the episodes and the notes provided. Listening to Mr Moore talk is a magical experience in its self. No really, the guy does magic.

- Anon

I am only about halfway through the course at this moment. It has met and exceeded my expectations. The vast amounts of knowledge distilled through the mind and presented by Mr. Moore is well worth the cost to an aspiring author and artist such as myself.

- Antanas Bulota

I highly recommend Alan Moore’s BBC Maestro course. He talks about writing profoundly. He dares to expect more from a writer than pragmatic professionalism and competence in the service of Mammon. I found it deeply inspiring. A visit to the archetypal wise-man of our industry.

- Clive Frayne

I’m twenty lessons deep into this course, and I have to say this — I haven’t had this much fun in ages. His view on writing has rekindled a dying fire - I. Want. To. Write. Again.

- Anon

The @bbcmaestro #AlanMoore writing/storytelling course is turning out to be one of the most enchanting things I've had the pleasure of listening to in what feels like a cursed eternity. Hail Glycon!

- Eddie Ruminski

VERY happy to report this Alan Moore [BBC Maestro course] is the real deal. I'm a handful of chapters in and it is everything this life long fan and educator could have wanted from it.

- Brian Michael Bendis

What an extraordinary man, thinker, writer, and most important, teacher! [...] I'm only halfway through, but I think I'm a better writer this week then I was last.

- Bob Zaslow

I just finished the course, and I’m sad to see it end. This is a remarkable journey from start to finish — I would highly recommend this course to everyone. Thank you to Alan Moore and @bbcmaestro !

- Anon

I’m really enjoying Alan’s course. He has opened my eyes in terms of what story and writing have the potential to be. His examples and literary text references are exceptional. This is a man who is passionate about our language and using it to change our consciousness and perception through story. Thank you Alan and BBC Maestro.

- Trevor Howis

I’ve bought this. It is BRILLIANT. The way he gets his lessons across is truly magical! And he’s hilarious. If you are even just considering getting it, DO IT!

- Anon

One of the best courses I ever had. The presentation not only was so interactive, but the types of writing also presented were mindblowing. The stories presented were so valuable I couldn't take my eyes off it. Simply said it's amazing.

- Dan

One of the most helpful and easily the most fascinating writing course available. Regardless of where you are in your writing career, if you're serious about writing, Alan Moore's course is a must.

- Jon Etter, author of "Those Dreadful Fairy Books"

Moore's approach to this course is sincere and I think that's what is sets apart from other courses on this subject. He's not a guru, he gives us tools to better think and create our own method of creating stories. I'm halfway through and I'm loving it.

- Guilherme Martins

Alan Moore is a treasure trove of talent and experience. It is a delight to discover he is an equally amazing teacher.

- Iain McCaig

Alan is thorough in explaining his motivations on writing. It helps humanize the process of writing, and it allows you the information on getting in the correct headspace to produce the level of work that you are most capable of.

- Heath Lail

There are few writers I respect more than Alan Moore. This course has been an absolute gift.

- Drew Prochaska

Want to be a writer?

Alan Moore dedicated his life to writing fiction. Let him help you live the creative life of a writer.
33 lessons, 6 hrs
Course notes
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